Blocks - Transparency setting

WFTB gives you the ability to apply transparency to block elements M/W/W (Man, Woman, Wedding) + Links of your family tree.

A basic setting is set by default when editing a template.

If you want to keep it, you don't have to do anything.

To apply transparency to elements, you can do it globally and/or by modifying each element separately.

Just click on the button with an eraser to the right of the "Stroke" and "Fill" color fields and check the radio button.

As a general rule, for any element in the tree, you can apply transparency by writing "none" instead of the color code (# 123456).

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VIDEO : Blocks - Transparency setting

In this video you will discover the following features :

  • Blocks - Global setting
  • Blocks - Setting per element
  • Blocks - Transparency setting

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